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The time has come for tougher action on farm safety

Farm safety continues to be a huge issue for rural Ireland and it’s time something more was done to address the issues.

Last year, 21 people died in accidents on Irish farms and on the second day of 2017 the first farm fatality has occured. The majority of deaths involve machinery or cattle and a large proportion of the people killed are either children or old.

Put simply, farming has more work-related deaths than any other profession in Ireland a statistic that has to change. If the level of farm deaths continue over 200 farmers will have died in this decade.

One of the main issues around farm safety is that quite often farming is a one-man show. Most farmers out herding cattle, bringing them in for dosing or inspections, checking calving cows or going about their normal day-to-day work with machinery are doing so on their own.

And, unfortunately, too often that one person can become complacent about the ‘normal’ – be it a piece of machinery that needs maintenance; a cross cow; leaving the tractor running when you hop out to do something quickly. And it’s those momentary lapses where the danger of the norm is forgotten that can cost lives.

No one goes out to have an accident, but too many farmers think it will never happen to them, or they just don’t think. And that attitude has to change. And the message farmers receive around farm safety must, in turn, change their attitude.

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