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New guide to combat risks of unexpected machinery start-up

The UK’s leading safety company, Arco, have created a comprehensive product guide to help combat the risks faced by workers when machinery starts up unexpectedly.

Arco’s Lockout Tagout (LOTO) devices provide a physical method of isolating powered-down equipment plus highly visible warning showing that equipment should not be used. The new guide, which is available both in print and online, gives guidance on how LOTO locking-off steps are an effective way of reducing risks for those maintaining, cleaning or repairing equipment.

Typically, in a locking off situation, equipment is closed down, turned off and isolated from the power source using a circuit breaker or similar. A lockout device is then fitted to each energy source and padlocked to prevent it being reactivated. A visual tag is also added to ward people off tampering.

To ensure worker safety, a sequence of steps and authorisations must be followed before the lockout device and tag can be retrieved and the equipment turned back on. A properly planned LOTO procedure is an “efficient and effective way of reducing the risks for all involved, whilst also protecting equipment,” say Arco.

The new guide offers advice on the basics of implementing an effective LOTO programme, along with information on the various types of lockout equipment and details of the different keying systems and their uses.

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