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In pursuit of happiness, well-being and productivity – ThinkFM Conference, 18 May

BIFM has released further details of its ThinkFM: Think Productivity conference on 18 May (in London and online) this year, with headline sponsor Sodexo. The role of facilities management in unlocking organisational productivity is the focus of the conference, which, in light of this week’s Budget and the Office for Budget Responsibility’s announcement that the UK economy will grow more slowly in the next five years than had been expected, is more important than ever.

Facilities management, with HR and IT are responsible for putting the systems, structures and services in place to enable the organisation’s workforce to be the best they can be. Therefore the conference programme for ‘ThinkFM: Think Productivity’, is being put together to generate a day of thought-provoking insights, inspiration and debate addressing different dimensions of how facilities management enables organisational productivity.

The initial programme announcements highlight the role of FM in enabling individual performance and the factors that impact it. ThinkFM will specifically look at well-being and happiness and the strong influence they have on business performance.Dr Jill Miller, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) will address delegates about, ‘Setting an aspirational agenda for well-being that’s good for employees and good for business’.

This follows research that shows sickness absence costs the UK economy over £14 billion a year or £554 pounds per employee. By minimising absenteeism, improving health and well-being business performance is enhanced; Jill will explore the CIPD’s well-being framework for a healthy organisation and the key challenges and opportunities for facilities management and HR professionals.

Dr Jill Miller has said on the importance of well-being for business: “A healthy workplace is vital for a sustainable productive business. HR and facilities management have pivotal roles to play in making this a reality, along with leadership and management buy-in to the shared value that investing in well-being delivers.”

The conference will continue its exploration of individual productivity and feature a session from Eugenio Proto, Associate Professor, University of Warwick and research associate at the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE). This session will explore the effect of happiness on productivity and a research project which has shown happy employees are 12% more productive. Following this the project also looked at potential guidance for organisations striving to make their workplaces emotionally healthy for their workforce.

These current speakers focus on productivity drivers for individuals, however further details will be released and featured over the coming weeks on the other sessions covering case studies and leading minds in workplace productivity. FM plays a pivotal role in coordinating, aligning and enabling a business’s assets; whether that be people, services, or physical resources.

For those who intend to attend ThinkFM this year, book today (18 March) to gain early-bird savings.

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