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People love the feeling of freedom they get when they take to the open road, and naturally resist anything that takes away from it..

But the benefits are quickly eaten up by costs for uninsured motorcyclists involved in accidents, the average cost of medical bills for motorcyclists who sustain brain injuries is $1.41 million.

A study released in 2004 showed that while motorcycle helmets have improved over the years, the number of motorcycle fatalities continues to climb

While improving technology has reduced the number of people killed in car wrecks, motorcycle accidents claim a disproportionate number of lives.

While motorcycles comprise less than 3 percent of all registered passenger vehicles, they account for 9 percent of all fatalities.

A study concluded that helmets saved 7,808 lives in 1993 through 2002, and another 4,000 riders could have lived had they been wearing helmets.

Read the original study here.

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